Finished goods warehouse of ceramics and granite factory “ Etalon ”
Address: Town of Stupino, Moscow Region
Area: 13 000 м2

Shop for production of spare parts for the automobile factory Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Rus, LLC
Address: Town of Sestroretsk, St. Petersburg
Area: 16 300 м2

Warehouse terminal «Raven Russia»
Location: Dmitrov district, Moscow region
Area: 35 000 м2

Warehouse terminal «Raven Russia»
Address: village of Shushary, St. Petersburg
Area: 14 000 м2

Industrial Park Vostochnyy, Building Nr. 1
Address: Noginsk, Moscow Region
Area: 37 500 м2

Plant «SCA Factory»
Address: Town of Venev, Tula region
Area: 22,000m2

Logistics Centre "FM Logistic"
Address: Sidorovo, Moscow region
Area: 21 000 м2

Building of service shops of the plant Motordetal-Kostroma "
Address: Moskovskaya St., Town of Kostroma
Area: 12 000 м2