Concrete placement

A high quality concrete floor can only be made in case the concrete used is checked precisely and designed properly. Therefore prior to the execution of each project our specialists check all raw materials to be used in the concrete and make a design mixture for the concrete, both in case of using our own production facilities and in case of using concrete mixtures made by our partner organizations.
Concrete is placed, levelled and vibrated by means of a Laser Screed SXP 14,  or manually. The use of modern equipment allows us to abandon the outdated strip method and go over to the application of the most modern system of construction which results in minimizing damages to the floor in the area where there are joints, achieve a far better flatness of the floors and produce them in a short time.  Using this modern technology and  Laser Screeds  (we have 5 machines in Russia), allows us to place up to 3,000m2 per shift (8-10 hours of casting) using one machine.
Levelling of the concrete, depending on the requirements of the project, is carried out according to several international standards most often used in concrete flooring.