Testing the sub base and preparatory works

The key to the reliability of the concrete floor is a properly designed sub base, which takes into account the results of geological studies and design loads.
Our company offers a reliable way to test the stability of the sub base, which most accurately characterizes its bearing capacity. The modulus of deformation is determined by means of the equipment, empirically and directly on the site, using the bearing plate method according DIN 18134.
Testing of the sub base is performed both to check the bearing capacity of the natural soils in order to use these results to design the concrete slab and to verify compliance of the design data on the finished sub base before the floors are made.
We have the necessary equipment to perform the test according to DIN 18134.
There are several versions to prepare a sub base:
1. The traditional one is using sand and gravel.
2. The method of stabilizing the sub base: mixing a 30cm thick top layer of sand with cement.
3. Execution of a lean concrete layer.
4. Strengthening the flooring underlay with geological grids, if the sub base contains relatively unstable soils.