Design and execution of floors

Decades of experience, combined with the latest technology allows our organization to develop a customized solution for each customer. Our distinctive feature is the absolute command of the situation at any facility, as well as the opportunity to offer our customers the most correct, high-quality, profitable and promising version of the floor structure. Consistently high results of works carried out by our company at each facility for many years defines the image of our company and its impeccable reputation.
The range of products, offered by our company, are dust-free concrete floors with different levels of surface treatment: from rough-finished to a smooth surface, using a variety of materials for surface hardening, depending on project requirements.
Designing floor structures provides for all the design requirements and features: the intended use of the object, the results of geological studies, planned loads of all types (concentrated, distributed, dynamic), chemical and abrasive aspects, as well as the traffic intensity and other conditions.
We offer to execute for you the following types of concrete floors:
• standard floors
• high precision floors
• joint-less floors
• slabs on metal formwork and coverings on slabs
• internal parking
• external parking
• runways
• container terminals and ports